@Nordstrom – Peter Nordstrom – Dear Sir. My Wife and I have been log time customers of Nordstrom?s, since early

Jeff Tracy sent a message to Peter Nordstrom that said:

Dear Sir.

My Wife and I have been log time customers of Nordstrom’s, since early 1990.
We love the Anniversary Sale. Use to frequent the Escondido Store and would walk out with several bags full of desired items.
We move to Las Vegas almost 20 Years ago, and have continued to shop the only store (except the Rack), again frequenting the Anniversary Sale.
This Year was a tremendous disappointment. The selection was uniquely terrible! It has transitioned into a young person's specialty boutique.

My wife has two order outstanding, and I have nothing. This a huge void in my wardrobe, and worst of ,a huge inconvenience in having to obtain clothes.
I thought you should know why a 30-year customer wouldn’t patronize your establishment.

I’m not sure who you've surrounded yourself with, but maybe its time for a change.


Jeffery T Tracy
Las Vegas, Nevada

PS. The two outstanding shipments hare listed a “Delayed”?

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