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Frankie Barhim sent a message to Clay Williams that said:

Dear Sir,

Good morning,
I am Frankie Senor Solid Control & DWM Coordinator for Esca & Engineering Company in Brunei, for your information our company was try to grape Solid Control & DWM job in Brunei, We are confident and very aggressive in this undertaking. Because there is no Bruneian company doing the Solid Control & DWM work, we see a huge potential in this endeavor. The only thing missing from this formula is an experienced Technical Principal such as yourself and your company. BSP would have more confidence in us if we had someone experienced guiding us.

Brunei has gone through a major change since 2012 with the introduction of the Local Business Development Directive from the Energy Department Prime Minister\'s Office (EDPMO). Preferences has been given to fully owned local companies but it is not easy. We were able to acquire the Vessel Tank Cleaning with the help of EDPMO and we are now pushing to move into Solid Waste Control Management.

The strategy is that we will be purchasing the equipment and running to show as this is the vision of the Brunei Government but we would need the Technical Principal to come in and guide us. If this pulls through, we will begin to work with EDPMO to start formulating a long term contract for both ESCA and our Principal.

If Company willing to engage and support us to do a job in Brunei we are pleased to welcome your team for run the operation with us in Brunei. any other details information regarding with our company and our coming operation so please do not hesitate to get in touch with our CEO Mr Masrhiem and i have been CC him on this email. below is his contact information details.

Masrhiem Taufik,
CEO / Director,
Esca Marine & Engineering Sdn Bhd

Mob: +673-8222848
Tel: +673-3330339
Fax: +673-3330329

Frankie Barhim
Senior Solid Control Coordinator
Esca Marine & Engineering Sdn.Bhd.

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