October 27, 2016 Mr. Cornell, We and many of our large family and group of friends – Brian C Cornell email address

Jeff sent a message to Brian C. Cornell Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Target Corporation – email address that said:

October 27, 2016

Mr. Cornell,

We and many of our large family and group of friends have all but stopped shopping at Target.

In response to a letter and email that we sent to you, my wife and I were disappointed to receive a phone call from Colleen Hansen of Sedgwick on October 19, 2016. Hansen represents Sedgwick Claims Management Services and as such was speaking to the issue of liability. She had nothing new to add to the discussion, merely repeating her company’s finding that neither Target nor its employees were found liable for the trip and fall incident my wife suffered in Target North, Rochester, MN on May 30, 2016. In fact, she insulted us by inferring that my wife may have cut the aisle corner too close, which resulted in her tripping and falling. I responded that the aisles are very narrow and brushing against clothing on the racks is not uncommon for many customers because the racks are overstocked and the clothes plainly protrude into the aisle space.

Let’s put the issue of liability behind us and talk about customer appreciation and retention.

We would like to find our way back to Target. We would like Target to acknowledge us as long time customers whose loyalty means we are valued. Surely, you would want to say to yourself:

“This is a loyal customer who spends money every year shopping in our stores and keeps coming back because we offer a safe environment, competitive pricing, and brand name products. This is a person we don’t want to lose as a customer for any reason. We should extend an act of good will and strive to bring that customer, family, and friends back to shopping at Target.”

This is what customer service and good will are all about. Respect and concern to build on the trust of all customers that they feel safe shopping at Target. We just read an Associated Press article in the newspaper about Target “emphasizing value and some of the promotions that have worked in the past to win back customers.”

Here’s a thought – perhaps Target could extend a hand of gratitude and bring us back to the one-stop shopping we enjoyed by offering us Target gift cards as part of a customer loyalty/retention program.


Jeff Judi

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