@officedepot – Steve Odland – Below is the email I just sent to my account rep. (per the instructions here

Tom Calvert sent a message to Steve Odland that said:

Below is the email I just sent to my account rep. (per the instructions here, I deleted the account number from this email). Just wanted to let you know of my discontent with how our relationship has deteriorated over the past 6 months since Covid arrived. Thank you.

Good day John,

I am Tom Calvert. Our original rep, Glenn Frank, was apparently furloughed several months ago. I am very disappointed that I was never notified of his departure or of who his replacement was. That is not the reason for this email though.

We have a number of items and equipment we got from OD and I currently have two of the automatic Keurig’s that are not functioning properly. One will not come on at all but just makes a constant clicking noise when plugged in. The other works intermittently and makes very loud noises when operating.

I need these taken care of ASAP, as you can imagine no coffee is a major crisis 😊.

When Glenn was here, I could make a call and get a response almost immediately.

I am concerned about our relationship and OD’s current operating status as well. As I said, we were never notified of the changes or who was working with us. Additionally, when I was finally able to get through to customer service I was told they had your email but not your phone number and that if I wanted to contact you I had to go through your email to make that contact. I hope they have your phone number but are not supposed to give it out. I would have thought at the least, since they knew I was frustrated they would have taken the initiative to contact you on my behalf, since you already have all of my contact information, but they left it to me to initiate the conversation. I find this very unprofessional.

Please contact me so we can go forward on better terms and salvage our relatioinship.

Thank you.

Thomas L. Calvert,, CPM
Facilities Manager, USF Federal Credit Union
Phone: Office 813-569-2109
Mobile 813-415-7233
Email: tcalvert@usffcu.org

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