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To Gerry Smith CEO Office Depot:

I had a horrendous experience at your Office Depot in Stockbridge Georgia yesterday on Mt. Zion Road. I went to get a copy of a letter.. I signed in to the computer .. My name was called and the young African American employee said she could not find my email I had sent. I had a receipt Office Depot received it and a text I was next in line and number one.

Instead of trying to resolve the situation she just walked off and began checking out customers in the front of the store and never said I will be right back or anything.

Other customers were waiting and there was another employee in the printing area helping another customer ...another gentleman was back there and I asked if he was a manager. He said yes.

The employee that never finished helping me came back that way and I asked her if she was going to finish helping me.

She said there are others waiting to have things printed. I said I was nest in line, have the text showing this and you never continued helping me and just walked off leaving me and other customers waiting . She never acknowledged my statement she never finished helping me with my email and copy. She became rude and hostile. I was using my hands as I always do when I talk to continue to explain. Your employee rudely told me to put my hands down, she was not going to apologize and she did not care. I was appalled. I have been in customer service for 41 years and NEVER had an employee speak to me like this. I felt very threatened for my safety and your other employees could hear this exchange. I said you represent Office Depot and she blew that off . I asked the gentleman behind counter again if he was a manager and he came around, I think he was from another store. He asked her to come to the back and she was still yelling at me and the statement that totally floored me and I find very discriminatory and unacceptable was. " You are OLD and you need to buy your own printer and print it yourself" I cannot ignore this statement from your employee.

An operations manager Angela came to the front and asked us what was going on. She said the employee said " I'm done and don't want to talk about it."

She said she was going to be suspended for her actions. I felt threatened and not safe to return to your store. This was not a black and white issue. It is about an employee that made very derogatory rude remarks to a customer, apparently has no diffusing skills, respect for a customer and needs sensitivity and customer training how to handle customer situations.

Angela gave me the name Andrea at the Newnan GA store who was apparently a regional manager. I called yesterday and she was off and today the man said he didn't know when she would be back.

More frustrating is it is nearly impossible to reach anyone at your corporate headquarters in Boca Raton...cannot even get a receptionist!! That is not good customer service Mr. Smith.

I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau, I want resolve to your employees unacceptable behavior calling me OLD and telling me to buy my own printer. I was discriminated against with her behavior and certainly don't think a suspension is enough for her actions.

I called customer service and the rep seemed to be overseas and never resolved my question of getting a district or regional manager to call me back,

If I don't hear from you I will continue to pursue this until someone with care and compassion will contact me.

I am still in disbelief how I was treated over trying to get an email copied.

I am concerned she has my name and info and will retaliate as I felt very threatened by her as felt she might hit me. My concern is she has my personal info.


Philip Albury
Stockbridge, GA

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