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I tried to contact Wargaming Public Co Ltd regarding the matter listed below – Victor Kislyi email address

Daniel sent a message to Victor Kislyi Founder and CEO, Wargaming that said:

I tried to contact Wargaming Public Co Ltd regarding the matter listed below. To date I have surprisingly not been contacted by your company. As a customer I would have expected far better treatment. If I do not hear from Wargaming Public Co Ltd in the near future I will have to seriously consider escalating this matter. As it has proven extremely difficult to make contact with anyone from your company I ask the recipient of this email to forward it to a customer service office who can deal with this issue.

On Saturday 21/03/15 I submitted the following ticket to

I wish to lodge a formal protest about the underhanded way WoT continuously changes the settings on ammo and consumables back to the gold de facto setting. As I've purchased gold using real world currency and my settings are always set to only use credits I see this as a fraudulent use of my funds on your part.

I expect this matter to be deal with in a very prompt manner.

I have yet to receive a reply. However, at 04:46 AM (Wargaming Time) 21/03/15 I opened a topic on the "Official Asian Forum" regarding the matter, as I wished to see if anything similar had happened to other players, and was extremely surprised to find that at 10:03 this thread had been "locked". I find it somewhat odd that my thread would be locked in just over five hours but that after a week I still haven't heard back from Wargaming regarding what I consider a serious matter.

As I stated in the ticket I submitted, I paid for my gold (1250) using real money. As such, I see this practice by wargaming of contently returning setting to the "Gold De Facto" setting as almost fraudulent (I would say actually fraudulent) on the part of WoT. The setting should not be changeable by anyone other than the account holder. I know WoT wants to make money, I can understand that, and have no problem with it. I've bought tanks for both of my sons and gold for myself. However, incidents like this leave a very bad taste in my mouth. I sincerely hope WoT does something about this.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,


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