On 9/14/2017 I purchased a Samsung TV at the Best Buy store in Kendall, Miami – Hubert Joly email address

Odalis J. Garces sent a message to Hubert Joly President and CEO, Best Buy email address that said:

On 9/14/2017 I purchased a Samsung TV at the Best Buy store in Kendall, Miami, FL, the total purchase price, including taxes was over $3,000. I have since that day have had to take several days off, stay home several Saturday mornings to accommodate the Geek Squad personnel to come into my home to repair not only the sound bar, but the very expensive TV. After more than 4 attempts, Best Buy finally agreed to replace the TV. This last Saturday, 1/27/18, the "home delivery" team/contractor, showed up at my front door w/ the replacement TV, however, they left without installing the TV and taking the broken one, because it was a job that was supposed to be handled by Geek Squad. In the mean time, I have been without a TV for two weeks now. Later on that same day, I received a call from "Geek Squad" to confirm an appoint to repair the broken TV. Again, a TV that was already scheduled to be "replaced". On Sunday, I received another call from "home delivery" to schedule the TV delivery...again something that was supposed to be handled by Geek Squad, which I have already an appointment for this coming Saturday...2/3/2018. Another half a Saturday that I have to stop everything with my children, etc. to accommodate the incompetency of the personnel at Best Buy, Geek Squad, and the Home Delivery employees. The Manager at the Kendall Store offered me a $300 credit for my troubles...and here I am today 1/31/2018 on the phone w/ Geek Squad who cannot find in their system an appointment that is scheduled for them to come to my house today, in the meantime, I received an email this morning confirming such appointment. I need your assistance immediately fixing all these issues. I am paying for a $3,000 purchase, when I have not have one single week that I have not had a problem w/ the TV. Please contact me right away at (305) 962-8591.

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