On a Friday, I had submitted a request via the customer service line to have – John B Koch email address

Lisa sent a message to John B. Koch, Chief Executive Officer and President, PODS Enterprises, Inc. - email address that said:

On a Friday, I had submitted a request via the customer service line to have my POD taken down to access it on the following Monday. I was assured that it would be available Monday morning.
I arrived late Monday morning and the POD was not there. I went to the office to ask and there was no one there to answer the locked door that specifically had a sign on it to wait to be buzzed in. I banged on the door and was finally let in after laying on the car horn outside.

I was then left in the empty front offices to wait until they knew if or when my POD was to be brought out. They said they didnt receive the request and it was the call center at fault.

I insisted that they bring the POD down that day and asked why I was left standing in empty offices with no one to assist me after they finally let me in.

They finally agreed to bring the POD down in 2 hours, 3 hrs later I returned and the POD was still not there. I went back and banged on the office doors yet again and was told to go back around and it would be there. Still nothing. I went back around yet again, and banged on the door and told them. Finally, almost 4hrs later, they brought the POD down.

Unbelieveable that your call center doesnt communicate with your local offices and unacceptable that your local offices dont have staff available to assist you without practically breaking in! Unreal that the branch manager makes excuses instead of accepting responsibility and doing whatever it took to make it right!

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