On Thursday July 14, 2016, we set up an appointment with Sears to have our – Edward Lampert email address

carmen sent a message to Edward Lampert – Chairman and CEO of Sears Holdings – Email Address that said:

On Thursday July 14, 2016, we set up an appointment with Sears to have our refrigerator fixed. The repair guy came that afternoon and replaced a part and said the refrigerator was fixed and it was blowing cool air.
Within 20 minutes we noticed the fridge was blowing warm air again and immediately called both the service center and the repair man hoping to resolve it the same day. The repairman returned the call 2 hours later saying “oh no, I hope it isn’t the compressor” and recommended we unplug it for 2 hours with the hopes it would reset itself. If that did not work he said we need to call Sears in the morning as he was unable to come back that evening and he was going to be off the following day. The 2 hour reset did not work and we immediately tried to save some of our food so when we got the fridge fixed the following day that we could salvage most of it.
The following day we immediately called Sears and they informed us that they would not have an available appointment until Monday, July 18th. This would be a full 72 hours from the point of the call and 96 hours from their botched repair. We informed them this was not acceptable or reasonable.
We contacted the refund department and asked for a refund and settled on the phone for a refund of $239 which was the refund for the job less the cost of the part which they said would be refunded if the part was removed from the fridge. We kept the appointment for Monday July 18th as a result. In the meantime based on their phone promise of the $239 refund we made a decision to invest in a new fridge.
Monday we received a call from Sears that the repair guy was sick and they would not make the appointment. At this point we had already ordered another fridge and told them if they wanted the part they needed to get someone out prior to Wednesday, July 20th.
As a follow-up we called regarding the status of the refund on Tuesday, July 19th and were informed that they were processing the $239 refund again.
We still did not receive a refund but on July 19th received a poorly written explanation that they would only offer us a $30 refund.
This is unacceptable and misleading as 2 previous conversations yielded us with a reasonable expectation that we could expect the agreed upon reimbursement for their poorly executed repair job and subsequent customer service. Based on this we made a significant family investment and not only are they essentially holding us to a repair job that gave us nothing but now we have a capital investment that would not have been made without their corporate refund departments guidance.

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