Our name is Ron and Kathy, customers at your Alpharetta Ga branch. I transferred – Walter W Bettinger II email address

Ron and Kathy sent a message to Walter W. Bettinger II – President and Chief Executive Officer of The Charles Schwab Corporation – Email Address that said:

Our name is Ron and Kathy , customers at your Alpharetta Ga branch. I transferred an account from Fidelty and the State of Florida. Since that time I have placed over $161,000.00 at CS, including $40,425.00 today. I was not given any free trades and did not realize how valuable the free trades are. Marleen a OP Mgr gave me 5 free trades last week for the prior investments. One of your employees in the trade unit , Josh Ardelean, stated I must place $ 50,000.00 to get 25 free trades. I think I have done that total..and would hope I could get at least some additional free trades that were not given to me or my account when originally transferred to CS. I appreciate anything you can do to assist me . yes our money is hard to come by...One last thing.. all your staff at the Alpharetta Ga Office have been great, but seems we just do not click with Joshs take on the $50,000.00 amount vs the $40,425.00 amount today.. Thank You Ron and Kathy

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