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Dear Mr. Allen,
This might go unread, or over looked, but I figure its worth a shot. I have recent statred reading about you and all the great work you have been doing to help homeless or less fortunate communities.
Im not a whole community, but please hear my story.
Ive always been a very hard working woman, and raised 3 beautiful daughters, on my own, thru blood sweat and many many tears.
I have worked the past 9 years, for a man, located here in my home town, I guess you would call my job title, a Personal assistant. I did everything, he was a vehicle wholesaler, who of course bought and sold many vehicles, while I was working for him.
I would pick up and deliver the vehicless, he would buy from all over the state of , Texas, I detailed the vehicles, before sales, I cleaned his 3 story home that over looked the lake, I took care of the 4 pitbulls all the laundry, starch, iron, and put where it belongs, he was raising, plus, his yard, was alittle over an acre, I would mow, trim, water, so I was basically a do it all, for him, and his son. I worked, no days odd, 7 days a weekm 12 hour days, and loved every minute of my job.
One morning he called me just before I was to leave for work, he was gonna go be seen at the ER, said he was having leg pain, and some tightness in his chest. He was unable to return, to work, is now suffering for 4th stages of congested Heart failure. He was no longer able to pay my wages, so he had to let me go.
That was 8 months ago, I live in a very small town, we have 2 gas stations, one at each end of our town, and a Dollar General, in the middle.
I took, my entire saving, and bought me a vehicle, and 3 days later, the timing belt broke, and I had to buy a new engine, which, isnt running at all and the car cant be driven.
My problem, at hand, is my car is my lifeline to survival in this fast paced world,. I my self, just a year ago, had to heart attacks, back to back, spent several days in the hospital, and was released, with no apparent damage to my heart. were 40 minutes, to town, by car, and not a walk I can make in the heat, or with out a car to find another job, to be able to support, my self, and my dog. I had to sell, basically everything I owned, to stay afloat, this long. Im currently, camping in my old mobile home, that we and my husband at the time, bought 30 yrs ago. I say camping, because the house needs some serious fixing up, and the most half way decent room, is the very small master bedroom. My electric, and water has been shut off, and Ive ran an extention cord from my elderly parents, who I look after, so I can run a ac unit, and a light in my room , to figure out, what Im gonna do.

Im not asking for a home, or a bunch of cash, Im in serious need of a vehicle, so, I can stand on my own 2 feet again, because as of now, my future, is looking very bleek.
I understand, if you, cant help me, Im hoping you can lead me in the right direction. My local area, and state, dont offer, much for my situation.
Ive checked out every possible thing, to figure out how to fix my situation. Buses do not come out this far from town, and a taxi runs $48.00 one way. I cant afford that, or anything else for that matter..
Mr Allen, Im in dire need of a vehicle, before I end up having to live in one of the holeless sheltors, you have donated too. Im in no way shape of fashion, asking for a new car, which would be nice, but Im not greedy in any way. I dont need my house remodeled, well I do, but not what Im asking for.
Would you consider even donating, a used car, just comething I could drive to and work work,. The way Im having to live right now, is worse than most homeless people are having to live around the world. Im not complaining about that. Im a strong woman, Im bright, very hard working, and Ive even came up with an invention, that I contacted Davidsons, invetions, and the CEO there, told me, its one of the greatest things he has heard of in a while, constantly sending me emails, and phone calls, but, I dont have the money to hire them. if so, they build a protocol, of my invention, help sell it. He told me it sounds like a real winner of an ideal.

I do understand, if there is no way, that you can possibly help me and my situation. If there is a chance, you can, we can keep it totally descreet. Ive never really caught a break in life. If you can help me in any way, or lead me in the right direction, I will greatly appreciate, any thing at this point.
The depression, from not being able to pay my bills, or get to town for any reason, mine being a Job. That is my main goal, and priority, and the only reason, Im even contacting. I dont do drugs, or alcohol, I just need transportation.. Im at the end of my ropes here..

Thanks you,
Sincerely, Victoria Macpherson. Temple Tx

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