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Jerome V Saylor sent a message to Roger Penske that said:

Dear Mr. Penske,
I am at my wits end and have decided to go to the top.
Jerome V Saylor

phil.clavell Details

Sorry Phil,
Had enough, you have had the truck "Premium" that I had picked up at your Reading location, as far as I am concerned the vehicle delivered was not that, it has been 20 days with no resolution, I have made several calls to Rob at your Bethlehem location with no return calls, (as promised). I have documented all of our communications since the day of my first communication with the sales person, Brandon, I am sending the first payment for the truck to the bank, I will be contacting them and the CEO with all of my communications with Penske, with the issues and a resolution to this problem. The communication skill is at best no good, I am a contractor in business since aug. of 1980 and I deal with all kinds of people, and that is why I have people in place to deal with my daily problems. As far as I am concerned I should not have to tell "Penske technicians, nor the shop managers" the problems with the truck, I should have been able to pick it up at the Reading location," run thru your shop" Which I called prior to pick up, and having to wait for the truck for 45 minutes because they couldn't find it. As far as I am concerned the truck was not "run" through the shop to ensure it is a "Premium" truck. I have held back a few items that were wrong because its not my job to find the issues with a "Premium" truck, however I did, and told Rob one of three at the Bethlehem location that there is a major issue with the body and suggested the your "TECH" find it since he was 3" from it. Long story longer I believe that this was not a premium truck and you have taken advantage of another customer. I have asked Rob for a completion date and he does not return calls, I was told from Rob by days end he would have an update, last Friday may 31, no return call, had to call him and all I have been told that they are working on the truck, hard to believe it takes 21 days to address my issues when this is a "premium" truck. I believe that this purchase was a mistake and need to rectify this situation, I had good faith in purchasing this truck and it was what I was looking for however with all of the issues I have been through with your company I believe I have made a big mistake. I will try and send this to the CEO of Penske, Facebook with all of the documentation that I have, instructed one of my office associates to record the documentation. I am sorry but you have not held up to the Penske standards as far as I am concerned.
Jerome V Saylor

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