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Lillian Robinson sent a message to Roger Penske that said:

Good afternoon Mr. Penske, I am a KIA owner and recently came into contact with Penske of Chula Vista Service. During the month of June, my KIA 2015 Forte EX was due for service, a simple oil change and tire rotation. After the service, while driving with my daughter in my car, the oil light came on and noticed smoke coming out of the engine. There was oil spillage and burned smell, I contacted AAA and car was towed. I was provided a loaner and the car remained there, supposedly as a result of a missing plug. After I picked it up notice oil still leaking, then had to return again. I told the advisor to ensure my car was running up to par since I was taking my daughter and her friends to Valencia for the weekend. I got near the Valencia and the engine light came on. I contacted Penske KIA, Henry who stated if the light was on and off to return to the nearest dealer. My story is long, but after I dropped my car back in your facility, on 07/07/18, my car remained there and I was told a new engine was needed. There are other events that transpired, which we could discuss in the near future. After numerous phone calls and pleas with the Service Manager Ryan to get me a similar car because of my commute, he ignored me. Finally, I got my car back on 09/10/18, and notice fogging of the windshield, loss of power and poor gas mileage in my car. I felt so helpless, here again all these weeks of waiting and my car was not 100 percent. On 09/13/18, I discovered yet again an oil spillage in my garage. I returned to the dealership and they kept my car again, supposedly because there was some oil pan difference blah blah blah. I got a loaner vehicle, and was told the car would be ready today. I received a survey yesterday from the service and decided I needed to contact KIA. I'm done with the manager, all day they had my car and still no sign of information. I have decided to let you know, how this service department operates and needs serious management. An oil change has turned into a nightmare. I don't understand how a business can operate like this, is unacceptable. You're loosing clients and money in the process. I reach out to you because I think you need to know how this service department runs.

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