@penskemotorjobs – Roger Penske – Mr. Penske, We are reaching out to you in hopes that you will help us

Kristen Triplett sent a message to Roger Penske that said:

Mr. Penske, We are reaching out to you in hopes that you will help us with a sensitive situation at your dealership in Bloomington Mn. MotorWerks BMW. We have reached out to the GM Matt Nicholson. After a very rude encounter and being accused of a threat I realized he would not be capable of handling this situation with compassion.
My threat he was concerned with was leaving him a bad review.
The situation that I we are in is that my sister Tanya Triplett purchased a 2017 BMW approx. a month ago. She traded in a paid off 2012 Maxima and 1000 dollars cash.
Her current loan on the BMW is 17,500. She has not even made her first payment.
On June 16 she was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with stage 4 terminal brain cancer. Her license have been revoked and she is unable to live by herself.
We called the BMW dealership and asked that they take the car back, keep her trade in and her 1000 dollars down.
We were hoping for compassion not a business deal.
We were treated with no compassion and disrespect by the GM Matt Michelson. We totally understand that this is a business but sometimes compassion needs to take precedence.
We asked for nothing back and to keep all the car and her down payment.
Please reach out as soon as possible. We are simply trying to tie this up so she does not have to stress over it.
Thank you for your time,
Kristen Triplett

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