@penskemotorjobs – Roger Penske – My name is Paul Mungai. I have 2 Box trucks that I purchased from Penske

Paul sent a message to Roger Penske that said:

My name is Paul Mungai. I have 2 Box trucks that I purchased from Penske and referred my partner and he purchased 3 box trucks from Penske. I recently just purchased my 3rd truck from Penske. I picked up the truck on 4/11/2020 and drove back to my home in Dallas, Texas from Chicago, IL. On 4/14/2020 I drop it off at Penske in Dallas as the truck had minor issues. I picked up the truck on 4/18/2020. I parked my truck waiting for the first load, with this pandemic, there is is no load, the business is super slow. On 4/28/2020, my driver got first load, he drove for about 245 miles and the truck started to give him the issue, the ruck won't go past the 4th gear(It has 6 gear), and the truck won't go over 60 MPH(Transmission issue). I called Penske after-sales Department, they told me that there is nothing they can do because it is over 15 days and some of the Reps were so rude. Now, I have the truck with a transmission issue, and I have the truck note due on 5/11/2020 plus insurance note is due soon. I feel like they sold me the truck with a huge issue. It is possible that they knew the truck has a transmission issue. In addition, the truck that they listed on the website was not the ruck I picked up in IL. However, the mileage, Vin #, and specs were correct. The reason, I picked up is because it met the specification I was looking for such as miles, and measurements/size. I am a small business owner, I am trying to feed my family with this pandemic. I asked them to make a good business decision as I am a returning customer, and I referred to several customers and a few more to come. I need your help. The unit number that has a transmission issue is 114531.

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