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A cut-and-paste copy will go to Penske at his website

To Whom it May Concern:

"...it's an inappropriate use of a state park by a private entity..."

Need more be said?? My Great Aunt lives near Belle Isle...close enough to hear the racket caused by the cars. To some, I suppose, especially to those who may not be, shall we way, very well-endowed, the Grand Prix, with its noise and racket and general male-type obnoxiousness, is a fake symbol - but all they have to offer, apparemly - of their masculinity. Whatever happened to the concept of Eminent Domain? If you want to confiscate public land for private use, then BUT the surrounding land so residents can go somewhere and live in peace.

The Penske's, and all the rich boys who can buy whatever they want are pulling the same scam here...and the DNR, Mr. Olson, are you not a Public Employee? Don't Aunt Jo's taxes and mine, go towards your pay? Well, ya ain't doin' yer job, boy! Shame on you for even entertaining any idea of selling out the residents' interests to these Big-Bucks tyrants! Oh, I don't want to hear "how much more they'll pay, how much the economy will gain,"or any pf those pseudo-benefits arguments! If Ole Bucks-Penske wasn't making out BIG on the Prix' use of Belle Isle, he'd be L-O-N-G gone from there. You're not smart enough to see that? You're satisfied to just pimp out an area, a gorgeous Natural Resource? Boy! Who the Hell hired you, and why? You sure don't seem to care about the things you're supposed to!!

An Unfortunate, Michigan Taxpayer...
Gloria Halle

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