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Khadija Conners sent a message to Scott Sider that said:

Good Afternoon Mr.Ninivaggi I hope all is well with you during this time of Covid 19. Sir I want to get straight to the point I had services provided by Pep Boys I went in for a oil change me and the worker spoke my car wasn't smoking or leaking , no check, engine light. This employee made suggestions that my calorbor was going to crack eventually and that my engine was making noise and when i replied that it hasn't been running hot and no smoking then he said it might be the fuel injector. I Explained i had not had any problems i explain to him that a oil change with walmart prior that they oil was not as good as pep boys and i was refered to them then he went to say there wasn't a machanic there and that to check the engine light would be 67.00 I didn't respond because there are signs saying u do a free check engine light so that right there was the untruth i wasn't going to argue bc i have a image to display i would sp with management. The oil change he did only take 5 mins and 17 seconds, I question his service then within 13 min of leaving your establishment I had l had big leakage of puddles I went back to pep boys the same day and they said they was close this was on Sunday 05/24/2020. I was told to bring it back tomorrow which was 05/25/2020 sp with worker that work on my car explain what was going on he was very rude and nasty made no response to the event and said he has already ]been pull 3 times and what he working on takes prefernce told mgt he was nasty and nochalant didn't apologize for his employee actions and said talk with him and that was it. we had a choice of words and he said he will have his head tech to look at and to comeback tomorrow which i did which is today 05/26/2020 his today this is sad when u can't get trust worthy service and your car get sabotage for more money for there establishment are u aware of the reviews and dishonesty that is happening.

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