@pepboysauto – Scott Sider – Hello Mr Ninivaggi, I was in your store at West Ridge Rd and North Greece

John Lanzatella sent a message to Scott Sider that said:

Hello Mr Ninivaggi,

I was in your store at West Ridge Rd and North Greece Rd in Rochester NY around 3 today. I needed to purchase a battery for my garden tractor. I was looking for a conversion chart for my particular application but could not find one near the display. I approached the counter for assistance. There were 2 counter people. One was helping another customer. He was on the left as I faced the counter. The other one on the right was on the phone calling for a customers delivery driver to return in order to pickup an overlooked part. This man is telling whoever was on the other end that he was busy as sh..t. He hangs up and doesn't even acknowledge me. As he walked off to do something else. I decided to try using my phone in order to find a conversion chart. The batteries are about 10 feet from counter. He returns from the back looking at something with an older man. Sees me again but still doesn't acknowledge me. As I'm trying to find a chart, I could not help but overhear their conversation at normal volume. The F Bombs were flying! I'm no angel, but it made ME feel uncomfortable! That's hard to do! It was the fact that we were in a retail establishment with customers and these 2 were holding a conversation like they were at a poker game. Finally I said forget it and walked out. I grew up in my family owned Oldsmobile dealership. I was a service advisor, parts counter man and then pursued sales. The first thing that I was taught as a counter man and advisor was no matter how busy I was to acknowledge the person in front of me and let them know I will be with them momentarily. And if we swore in front of customers, my father would have kicked me in the ass! That basic training stuck with me to this day. Maybe its just a matter of someone training your people or you need a different caliber of people. Thank you for listening,

John Lanzatella

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