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Mr. Ninivaggi,
I hope you can help me as I am at a standstill following proper protocol. A summary of my experience trying to file a claim follows.
11/11/19 - stopped in Broomall, PA store (store #253) and spoke to store manager to file a claim. He was defensive and not helpful. Rather than arguing I left and contacted customer service through website.
11/13/19 - I thought I opened a claim via website and attached original receipt and BMW repair receipt plus my description of issue.
11/15/19 - received acknowledgement - We can file a case on your behalf to be reviewed by Senior Management - I agreed to move forward.
11/16/19 - Case#684778 opened and sent it off to Senior Management
11/18/19 - store manager Christopher Brash contacted me and requested supporting documentation. I sent supporting documentation after call.
11/19/19 - received email from store manager that was blank. Responded with statement - "nothing attached". never received a response.
11/22/19 - called store and told store manager is out on vacation and not sure when he will return. I asked to speak to assistant - told that assistant will return my call. I am still waiting.
11/22/19 - followed up with email stating I sent documentation on 11/18 and would like acknowledgement of receipt. No reply.
i emailed on a daily schedule requesting an update and finally received a response on 12/5/19 that a claim has been filed - Claim # 2019025352795.
That is the last response I have heard from Pep Boys. Today's date is 12/30/19.

Here is the summary of my issue.
Pep Boys (Broomall) installed a new battery in my 2012 BMW 128I on April 1, 2019. All appeared to be fine until November 5, 2019. My car would not start, battery appeared to be strong as lights, radio all worked. The car would not crank to start. I had the car towed to Otto's BMW for evaluation and repair. Otto's technician found the battery to be installed incorrectly which caused damage to the cable and battery storage cabinet and flooring. All repairs were made and faults cleared. I am attaching the Pep Boys receipt and the BMW work order and receipt. I would like to file a claim with Pep Boys and be reimbursed the full amount of $1,350.44.
Pep Boy's had a difficult time installing the battery and it took two technicians to complete the task. They complained about the difficulty but got it done. what I learned from the BMW dealership was the fact that the electrical system in a BMW car is complicated and the new battery must be "registered" with the car's computer or it will have a shortened life span and not receive proper charging from your car's electrical system. Registering the battery is the phrase used to describe resetting the car's computer so it will accept the new battery and work properly with it. None of this was performed by Pep Boys.

The store manager is new to the Broomall store and was not assigned there at the time of my installation. I asked if he spoke to the mechanic that performed the work and he told me he no longer works at Pep Boys. This all sounds starnge to me. Were all these changes due to poor performance? I don't know.

I hope this information provides you with a good understanding of my challenges working with Pep Boys. Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Jim Reger

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