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My name is Steven olen. I had my brakes done at a Pep Boys in Virginia Beach virginia on lynnhaven road in March. I spoke with Jim the service manager at the lynnhaven store and we didn't have a pleasant conversation at all and I was basically called a liar. After speaking with him I wasn't satisfied so I got a call from Brian the area director and we had a much better conversation and he did make me happier about the situation but after thinking about it I'm not satisfied with his solution either and I don't believe we can come to an agreement. He bought the parts for me and gave me free oil change. So I have a 2006 Mini Cooper I brought in to get my brakes done I brought the front and back rotors to be change they didn't do the front rotors and they cut the set screw that marries DE roeder up to my axle. Basically I want them to be installed properly I've done a lot of work with ya'll in the past with my previous vehicles and have always been satisfied this is a fluke kind of thing that happened and I just want somebody to make it right and my vehicle to be back the way it was specially spending $581 to do so. I'm easier to get in contact with by email but My phone number is 7575094399.

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