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Seema sent a message to Peter Agne President and CEO, IKEA that said:

Peter, I am sorry to have to write directly to you, but I have had an awful experience with Ikea and want you to know about it.
My son and I bought furniture from the Ikea store - 1 Beard St, Brooklyn, NY on the 26th of June 2015,. We had requested and paid for delivery as well as installation to be done on the 10th of July, 2015, to Avalon Apartments, Long Island City.
The furniture was delivered on time but the bed frame was missing. When we asked the gentlemen who had come to install, about it, we were given an exceedingly rude reply and told that it was not their problem. When we asked them for a number where we could call, once again we were told, and rudely at that, that they had no number. Then one of the gentleman was extremely rude and aggressive telling us we are showing attitude, which was not the case. All we were trying to do was resolve the missing bed. It was a very scary experience to have workers raising their voice and being so aggressive all because we asked them for the phone number and said "come on, give me a break" when they said they did not have it. Yet when they were leaving they were able to call someone and tell them about the missing bed. Their details reference number . They refused to give us their names or any other details.
Finally we located our receipt (it was in one of the bags as we had just moved from Philadelphia a few hours back) and called. It took 45 minutes for the call to connect. Once we were able to talk to an agent on the phone, we were put on hold for more than 15 minutes. The total call time exceeded 1.30 hours, out of which the talk time was just 10 minutes. The rest of the time we were holding. The resolution she gave was a $99 discount and that the bed would be sent on Wednesday the following week. Which basically means that I (50years old) with a really bad back problem and sciatica, have to sleep on the floor for 5 days or so. I am not allowed to even sit on the floor by my doctors, as the pressure, when getting up is too high on the back.
Also we discovered after the gentlemen had left that they had half assembled a TV cabinet and now we have no idea how to complete it as all the papers and parts are all jumbled, and there seem to be some missing instructions. Finally somehow we managed to complete the cabinet.
Today is Wednesday when the bed should have been delivered but is not. Both my son and I have been on our individual phones trying to get through to Ikea and find out where the missing bed is. I have now slept on the floor for 5 days, which is 5 days more than I should have. If I have to go to ER again because of my back thanks to sleeping on the floor I for sure will take legal action, both on count of a breach of contract twice and the subsequent health damage to me.
I would really like a better resolution to this. You can get in touch with us
Here is hoping that there will be a resolution to this through you.

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