@petsmart – Michael Massey – Dear Mr. Symancyk As a 20 year Patron to the Pet Smart Stores in Hampton

Amanda Joyner sent a message to Michael Massey that said:

Dear Mr. Symancyk
As a 20 year Patron to the Pet Smart Stores in Hampton Roads,Va,I regretfully am informing you of my first negative experience with the Pet Smart Franchise.
First,let me explain. I have worked with rescue animals my entire life as I grew up on a rural farm in Suffolk,VA. I have always rescued cats,dogs,rabbits,birds,and other animals,as they hold a special place in my heart.
I have been a patron to the Pet Smart Stores located in Chesapeake Square,and also the North Suffolk Harbourview location since they have opened.
Upon my last visit at the North Suffolk location,I had an atypical visit like no other. I have always raved about the friendly, helpful,and knowledgeable staff at the Pet Smart locations. This last visit was quite different. Upon entering the store,I approached a new worker,it was apparent,however that was not the problem. I approached her,asking about purchasing capstar as I have done many times in the past. She did not know where it was,still no problem,I showed her where they get them out of the cabinet near the managers office. Upon looking,they did not have the dog/cat capstar, still not a problem,I see the small dog capstar and told her that would work as its exactly the same medication,which is NITENPYRAM,same dosage as the dog/cat formula,and that dosage is based on body weight for this particular medicine. I went on to show her on my phone since she was obviously not believing me becoming argumentative in a sense.She proceeds to let me purchase the cspstar,I tell her I am price matching which I always due,to companies like Petco, Chewy,Pet Meds,Walmart,and even the Pet Smart online store. I show her the Pet Med ad for the cspstar on my phone as I would always do,and she says they cannot price match to that site,which I have many times in the past. I tell her it's not a discounted site as Per Smart and Chewy that day had Capstar that particular day at $25. Pet Med was having a sale on it,and it was $12. She again says she cannot do it. I decline the purchase,told her I have always price matched from this particular site,as well as other sites, never having issues. There was no line behind me,as it was later in the evening. I would think with her being new,she would have requested the manager to help. She did not. She was adiment that she would be unable to help me after trying to convince me that I could not give this to my rescues. I feel the experience was very unprofessional. I have worked in the customer service industry for the last 20 years,so in no way was I ride or unpleasant at anytime. I was being helpful if anything as I know what it's like on the other end. I politely declined the store purchase because she would not price match,or get help with this matter.i went on to purchase the product online.
After this incident,which I had gone out in the cold and rain,I went home feeling utterly shocked with this experience. For this reason,I will probably never visit a brick and mortar Pet Smart in the future. The manner in which I was treated was completely different from all of my past experiences. I was not going to say or email anyone about the incident,however it has not sat right with me over the past week. Maybe management needs to have more training as far as knowledge of products, customer service skills,and problem solving.
Amanda Joyner

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