@petsmart – Michael Massey – Greetings. I went to the PetSmart in San Bernardino, CA on Hospitality Lane on 10/03

Christi Sheppeard sent a message to Michael Massey that said:

Greetings. I went to the PetSmart in San Bernardino, CA on Hospitality Lane on 10/03. I am unable to wear a mask. Under the California State Heath Department GUIDELINES on page 2, there are provisions for persons such as myself.
Also, the California State Civil Code 51b allows EQUAL ACCESS, without discrimination and intimidation. I cannot be barred from entering any of your stores. Your cashier Sashia #688947 demanded that I either take a mask, or order online. Neither of these is equal access. I needed the item in hand. I do not want to pay unnecessary shipping costs. Your patron's dogs have more rights than I was afforded by your cashier. I told her that I could not wear a mask and that it was allowed under the health guidelines. I was told to use a mask or leave the store. This was in front of a VERY LONG line of people. It was humiliating, discriminatory and unlawful. I have written to your customer service department twice. I have sent them a couple of educational videos. They keep sidestepping the issue.
I am able to walk into a WalMart, Stater Brothers, Home Depot, Ross and a number of other stores without being stopped or denied entry. They have come around, understanding what they are doing is illegal. It is my hope that you will help educate your California stores, and especially the one in San Bernardino on Hospitality. Had I been able to find the item I needed at WalMart, I would have gotten it there.
Christi Sheppeard

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