@petsmart – Michael Massey – Hello J.K.: You may not remember me but I worked with you at

Doug Walt sent a message to Michael Massey that said:

Hello J.K.: You may not remember me but I worked with you at Sam's Club back in 2002 until I retired in 2008. So nice to see your success. I am writing to let you know how disappointed I am in the Rogers, Arkansas Petsmart. I scheduled a grooming appointment for my dog 2 weeks ago. Yesterday I received a voicemail confirming the appointment. Today I received an email confirming the appointment. Then 1 minute later I received an email cancelling the appointment. The groomer called and left a voicemail saying there was a schedule mixup and she did not work tomorrow and the next available appointment was Thursday. I did finally reach a very nice associate at your 888 number who re-scheduled me for Thursday as I was not able to schedule online because the online portal said nothing was available. Just wanted to let you know that my appointment was cancelled less than 24 hours and for apparently because the groomer was not scheduled to work tomorrow. I hope you have more than 1 groomer at the Rogers Petsmart. Thanks for letting me blow off some steam. Hope you have continued success.

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