@petsmart – Michael Massey – This morning before work I tried to place an order for curbside pick. I logged

Donna Shaw sent a message to Michael Massey that said:

This morning before work I tried to place an order for curbside pick. I logged into Petsmart with my email address and password.

Someone else's account came up with their phone number and shopping cart with 12 items in it.

The site did not say "Hi, Donna" at the top and although my email address was there it showed a phone number I did not recognize. It was greyed-out and wouldn't let me correct the phone number. When I opened the shopping cart I got a picture of a dog and and an "oops. there's an problem. check back later." Where it gave me items I had viewed before or items recommended to me it showed items for dogs. I do not own a dog.

So, I had to go into the store to get cat litter. At checkout I gave them my phone number, asked if there were any points in my account I could apply and was told, "No." The store manager told me he had 40 curbside pickup orders today so the problem wasn't the web site - I was reason I couldn't place an order this morning.

I got home. Logged into the website. "Hi, Donna" you have 650pts." I saw the "Get 15% off your next order for delivery or curbside pickup."

Totally aggravated I missed out on the discount and wondering why the cashier didn't see the points. So, I call customer service about the website not working when I could have placed my order online.

This woman tells me she sees that I have 650 points and agrees the website is working fine. She sees my purchase this afternoon and new points added.

I tell her about missing out on the July 4th 15% off and she says, "Dr. Elsey's isn't one of our brands so it isn't part of the promotion." I told her that I bought it there and didn't realize there was a list of specific "PetSmart Brand" items that were eligible for the discount. I logged in while on the phone and Dr. Elsey's Ultra is near the top of the list. She offers me a gift card for $6. Great. Then, after I had already told her that I was able to log in with MY email and MY password but the WEBSITE PROHIBITED ME FROM PLACING MY ORDER. she tells me that after all of the explaining about logging in with my email and password this morning ... that it's user error when something goes wrong with the website. I just said, "Don't tell me that. It recognized my email address and password. Once I was in it gave me the account of somebody in CT. I didn't do that." There was dead air throughout our conversation. She didn't say, "Hold on." Nothing. Just dead air. I had to say, "Are you there?" a few times throughout this conversation. I finally said, "More dead air."

She really needed to be nicer and not blame the customer. I went out of my way to continue to shop with PetSmart while so many of my friends and pet sitting clients use Chewy. It was an aggravating experience: wasting time before I left for work, having to go INSIDE of a store and wait in a long line with one cashier during a pandemic, during rush hour when I could have been home already then to get a snotty woman with not an ounce of kindness in her voice and no social skills tell me that I'm the problem. Who needs that? I am hating PetSmart right now.

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