@pfizer_news – Ian Read – Dear Dr Bourla, I am writing you on behalf of 200,000 at-risk kids, who

Nancy Mitchell sent a message to Ian Read that said:

Dear Dr Bourla,
I am writing you on behalf of 200,000 at-risk kids, who would benefit from the Self Mastery program that I teach. These kids would be taught at a variety of places across the country: the Y, the Boys Scouts, the Girl Scouts ---those organizations that specialize in children, but not in self-mastery, which teaches kids the value of self-respect, respect for others, to have confidence, to grow in decision making skills, independence, and to make every effort to become their best self. Truly, self-mastery lays the foundation for a healthier, happier, and more prosperous life.
The cost to teach is $50/child or $10M for 200,000.
I ask that you support this effort with at least a million dollar donation, with the understanding that your support is noticed by the kids, the community and by the news, as children wear t-shirts and caps (you'd be adding a feather!) that shows how they are mastering character building skills, such as truth, patience, tolerance, temper, staying on task, organization, etc. Also, children will be on the website so others can learn about this program.
The money raised is used to supply the materials for the kids and to educate teachers on how self-mastery works. It's surprising how many teachers become better people when they teach it!
I am not nor will the school ever be a 501-c3 --- but a for-profit school. Your support could be a gift or business expense, as you would benefit from the notoriety as a participant with your name on the back of the shirt and a pin with your logo on the hat, and from the various marketing efforts.
I do hope these kids have your support, as it would be such a wonderful tie-in for Pfizer to be the cure for Covid and supporter of kids success, too!
God in Action School
"Teaching Children Self-Mastery"

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