@phicareers – Joseph M Rigby – Dear Joseph, You might not be able to respond to this mail but we feel

Hadi Danfulani sent a message to Joseph M Rigby that said:

Dear Joseph,

You might not be able to respond to this mail but we feel strongly today for whatever reasons to reach out to you in the hope that you might rekindle our hope and save thousands of people of the North West Africa with your wide and large heart.

For instance we run a grass root Organisation HADI DANFULANI which provides a voluntary safe drinking water to remote communities in the terrorist ravaged communities of the Northeast Nigeria thru water boreholes .

With very little funds which is hardly accessed because of the red tape of so many International NGOs we have been able to dig 32 water boreholes across ravaged communities at great personal risks to ourselves providing safe drinking water and eliminating water borne diseases in those areas which has always accounted for 60% preventable deaths.

We have done this with only one serviceable truck and a handful of volunteers our meager budget allows us to engage.

Providing an important and selfless service such as drilling safe water boreholes voluntarily to remote communities otherwise forgotten fills us up all with such gratification and encourages us to go on in spite of risks and terrible financial difficulties.

We as a grass root Organisation rose up from a meeting and decided to approach you directly for assistance.

Our projection this year was to dig at the very least a 150 water boreholes to over 300 communities, but at 32 with the mid year at hand,it is hardly realisable projection largely due to funding constrains.

We wish to kindly inquire as to whether you will be interested in providing us with additional funds to continue with these all important project. We have deliberately left out any cost implication on the basis that our mail to you is an inquiry.

It is our believe especially with your simplicity and kind heart that if our message gets to you,you might perhaps be interested in us and assist.

We also wish to attach pictorial samples of our work for your kind consideration.

Thank you.
Yours faithfully,
Hadi Danfulani.

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