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May sent a message to Joseph Rigby that said:

We are praying for you to help us for our missions. Jesus will bless and heal those who help us. Thank you.

December 19th 2018,

Sisters and Brothers Teresa of Christ Foundation, Inc.; 436 N. Minnesota Street #2; Wichita Kansas 67214, USA

Dear Sir,
We are the sisters and brothers Teresa of Christ of the third order, are asking for your help for funds to purchase land to build church for the sisters, brothers, and the poor. We would like to proliferate the Gospel of Christ to those around us and the world. To work as missionaries to other countries, and to build buildings and school to care for the poor and orphans. Our goals are to provide skills to help children succeed and to provide for all their needs. Please help to make our efforts go forth and even further.

Your support is crucial to our efforts to help provide for us and the children and to solve our problems.

If you’re able, we’d love it if you could make a donation of good amount to help us achieve our goals, missions and give children chances to further their skills and educations.

Thank you so much in advance for your contribution of the present and also sponsor us in the near future years. Your donation will go toward our missions and projects.

“Jesus’ Bible verse: Let those who do good, that they be good in good works, ready to give, willing to share, storing up for themselves a good foundation for the time to come, that they may lay hold eternal life. That the man of God may be completed, thoroughly equipped for every good work.” Your generosity will be blessed back by Christ so much more and we will continue to pray for your requests. Jesus answers our prayers because He loves our works, especially the gift of healings. Please feel free to contact us via e-mail: Btnnmay@yahoo.com to notify us of your helping us for our record and also for your prayer requests.

We love M. Teresa and her devotion in faithful works to serve Christ and the poor. She is our role model, our confidence, and examples to follow and learn. She saw Jesus in everyone, and paid special attentions for the poor, the neglected and the abandoned ones in the world. M. Teresa collected children, women and men all over the world to help and serve them. We pray for everyone to help us to continue her missions. We pray for all of us to learn to become like her to gain Eternal Kingdom of Christ. Thank you so much for your understanding and helping us to help and serve those around us.

Here is the way you can make a donation:

Via Electronic Fund Transfer (direct deposit) to Sisters and Brothers Teresa of Christ Foundation Inc., EIN # 83-1684162., account no. 2372715 and routing no. 301180098 to address: 405 East Central Wichita, Kansas 67202-1096 with Equishare Credit Union, phone no. (316) 263-6171.

Thank you again!


Sisters and Brothers Teresa of Christ

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