@Plaid_Toyoda – Akio Toyoda – Dear Mr. Toyoda About 1 year ago I took over the Toyota Yaris Model 2012

Samuel Canova sent a message to Akio Toyoda that said:

Dear Mr. Toyoda

About 1 year ago I took over the Toyota Yaris Model 2012 from my father, because he is now driving the 2017 hybrid model of the Yaris.
Unfortunately I ONLY have problems and I am unduly disappointed, because we always had Toyotas and they never caused any problems (e.g. Carina which we drove for 22 years without any problem and then sold it a few years ago. It‘s still on the road!) .

Meanwhile I had among other things the following:

- Bluetooth connection of the TouchGo constantly interrupts with the iPhone X (also unpairing and new paring brought no improvement)
- Seals on the windows break off
- Brakes squeak often, sides alternately
- Rear view camera partially flickers
- Air conditioning didn't work this summer. Filling the garage with new gas and adding an additive cost me about 300 swiss francs.
2 days later the AC didnt work again, after a 2. visit at the garage it was determined by UV light that the entire radiator grille of the air conditioning system was leaking (not only the O-ring) and had to be completely replaced, Costs again approx. 800-1000 swiss francs.

Given that this car did only 43,000 km and was serviced from approved garages only, I find all these things very bad. I have friends who drive a Dacia for half the price and had MUCH less problems on twice as many driven kilometers.

Also my father had to visit the garage several times due to some defects (light sensor does not react, window lifter defective, etc.) of the NEW CAR.

Now my question to you: Do you really want to reach that loyal regular customers migrate and buy one e.g. Dacia, or do you plan in the near future to produce again on the used level, which would justify the extra price compared to cheap cars?

I actually intended to buy the Toyote CHR, but now I will probably sell the Yaris and buy a Dacia Duster. My wife drives it and didn't have any of the problems I've experienced.

With best thanks in advance for your statement and kind regards

Samuel Canova

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