@Plaid_Toyoda – Akio Toyoda – Dear Sir, I am asking you to help me help a dedicated Toyota car salesman

Jackquelyne Piccola Smith sent a message to Akio Toyoda that said:

Dear Sir, I am asking you to help me help a dedicated Toyota car salesman Mr. Wayne Canty I know who worked here in the Augusta area for years only to be stricken with congestive heart failure at the age of forty. Since then, he has endured three open heart surgeries, carried two different LVADs Left Ventricular Artery Devices that help the heart to pump blood to the body, (DuraHeart, Heartmate ll) both of which caused major infections to his body and almost killing him. This past November, Mr. Canty was told there nothing else they could do and he was transferred to Duke University where they gave him a heart and kidney transplant in December. The reason I am reaching out to you is because prior to being admitted, he was ran off the rode and totaled his charger. He has fought since 2008 to live and now that God has given him this opportunity, I am trying to give him the one thing he needs as he continues to once again live. He is still in Durham because of necessary medical appointments and he is unable to travel the five hours to Augusta. He needs the transportation in order to go to appointments, get food, maintain personal hygiene, and more importantly he wants to come visit his mother's grave who passed away before his health started to deteriorate. I'm writing hoping you can help me provide him with a car that will provide reliable transportation. He's on disability and is unable to afford one, rent, medical, and other necessities. I have been by his side and helped as much as I can but I would deeply appreciate it if you could assist him. He still has a deep love for your establishment and talks all the time about what if because he was quite the salesman and community leader. Thank you for your consideration.

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