@Plaid_Toyoda – Akio Toyoda – I am getting the run around by multiple people at Toyota. My 2013 Venza XLE

Shannon Brooks sent a message to Akio Toyoda that said:

I am getting the run around by multiple people at Toyota. My 2013 Venza XLE is currently at the Auto Nation location in Buena Park, CA. I purchased a 5 year extended warranty in 2016. I had taken in the Venza for a bad battery, 3 months after purchasing the new vehicle, they said it was OK and charged it. 1 year later it dies again and they replaced it with a new battery with an 84 month warranty. Yesterday it wouldn't start and AAA would not touch it because the battery was spilling over with battery acid. I had it towed to the dealership. They said the battery is not under warranty on a technicality that because they replaced the battery under the manufactures 3 year warranty, although the batter says it is an 84 month warrant right on the battery, it’s not applicable unless I purchased it myself. This makes no sense based on it was a faulty battery on a new vehicle. . Well it gets worse they say the radiator is corroded and needs replacement but I don't have a warranty anymore. They said I cancelled it, which I didn't. I called the warranty dept. and they said it wasn’t me that cancelled it, it was the Garden Grove, CA Toyota who cancelled it with the message saying "Wrong VIN number and put it on my daughters new Scion purchased in May 2016, which we also purchased an extended warranty for that car. I have talked to the Buena Park dealership multiple times, who told me to call the warranty dept. who then told me they can't help me but to call the Garden Grove dealership because I needed to deal with them and the warranty dept. can't help me. I called Garden Grove and they said all the people that can help me are busy. In the meantime my car is at Auto Nation Buena Park having a battery put in which have to pay for is waiting for someone to say it's on warranty for the radiator. I can't tell you how much I am disappointed in Toyota except to say this experience has made me question our loyalty to Toyota. I have found others on Social media which the same issues. I am not the type of person who communicates on social media but that this point my experience and lack of resolution makes me understand why people share their experiences. I have now spent 3 1/2 hours calling people with no assistance. I need someone's intervention, I can't keep chasing Toyota with no results. Can you please assist?

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