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Vealton Williams sent a message to Akio Toyoda that said:

Vealton Williams
14537 Guy R. Brewer Boulevard
Springfield Gardens, NY 11434
Cell Phone: 347-385-8013

Dear Mr. Toyoda:
I purchased a 2016 Sienna XLE PREM VIN: 5TDDK3DC7GS141348 on November 26, 2018 from Advantage Toyota. I just wanted to let you know that recently I brought in my Sienna Van from Advantage Toyota in New York for repairs about a week ago. The window and the sliding doors worked fine at first. However, about three days after I brought the van home i noticed that my strobe light for my alarm system was missing and my alarm didn't chirp when I turned it on. So I took it back to Advantage Toyota and explained to the service department the problem and for them to check it out. Two hours later I was told the reason why they didn't hook up the alarm was because of corrosion and there is the possibility the alarm might have caused a short with the windows. I have a problem with that. I told them that my van never leaked. They said my alarm warranty was good for one year. They agreed to put in a new alarm similar but an upgrade with my automatic starter. However, when I got home a couple of days later I tried to start my van automatically and it would not start. So I went back to Advantage Toyota and spoke to the service advisor Wiliams Baumgardner and he said they disconnected my alarm because they think it had something to do with the short. My alarm automatic starter worked perfectly. Now he is saying that they disconnected it because they thought it had something to do with why the windows and doors did not work. So I told them I had a problem with that. Williams said that his supevisor would install a new alarm the same as the one I had already with the automatic starter. Williiams said the manager said that they would install the new alarm system for $399. Why should I pay for a new alarm system when the one I had was working fine with the automatic starter and now they want to charge me $399 for a new one to be installed. I told them that was unfair. So he checked with his supervisor and they knocked off $100. When I got home I noticed that my automatic starter was not working. So when I contacted Williams Baumgardner he said that he forgot that my system had an automatic starter on it. I showed them my original bill of sale when I had it installed when I purchased the van with the automatic starter. Now Mr. Baumgardner said that he would get back to me by phone as to when I could bring it in to have my alarm system with my automatic starter installed. The last time I spoke with Mr. Baumgardner was when I drove to the dealership June 9th to show him that my automatic starter was not working. He said he was going to contact me soon and after speaking with his supervisor he would let me know when to bring in my van. As the head of Toyota I am sure that you pride yourself in the best quality of the staff of your company. Please respond to me in due course.

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