Please fix your online accessing system (2-step authentication for logging in) as well as talk – William S Demchak email address

Jae Kim sent a message to William S. Demchak - Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of The PNC Financial Services Group - Email Address that said:

Please fix your online accessing system (2-step authentication for logging in) as well as talk to your representatives about helping the customers.

The conversation with Sherry Walker should have been recorded, so you can verify what i say below.

I had a not-so-fun couple of hours thanks to PNC. I tried to set up 2-step authentication for online access. Late last night I opted in for that and entered my phone number. A message came back saying that the phone was already registered. Well, thats good, right? No, not so good.

I exited and tried to log back in to test the 2-step. It said it sent a text to the phone that was registered, and showed the last 4 digits - which were correct. No text received. Then I tried sending it several times. Nothing.

I tried calling their customer service, but it was after hours. So I called them this morning. It turns out that because I have that phone number entered with another PNC online account. And because you cant have 1 phone number associated with 2 accounts, they dont send any text. Of course, they dont tell you that theyre not going to send a text because its already registered with another account. They dont even tell you that its registered with another account - just that the number is already registered.

Anyhow, the online specialist (Jason Sorrel?) is able to get me access to my account by clearing all security fields. I asked if the username and password would be cleared. He said no. So, I was now able to log in, and I had to enter new security questions and provide a description for the picture that came up (because all security fields had been cleared).

So, I make a transfer from savings to checking. I didnt check to see if the 2-step authentication was cleared because it looked like all security fields had been cleared. I then log out, and try to log back in just to test.

I see the 2-step instruction pop up saying that I will be sent a text message. Which i now know wont be sent because that phone number is already registered with another account.

So i called customer service and get some dim bulb (Sherry Walker) in online accounts group. I explain the problem. First she says that its not 2-step authentication, but layered login. She says 2-step authentication is when I forget my password and they have to call me back. This in spite of your own website saying to sign up for 2-step verification, and below that refers to forgotten password process as well as logging in with the additional step of texting a one-time passcode to the customer. Fine.

At any rate, she goes away for a couple of minutes and comes back saying that she will need to send a request and it will take several days for the phone to be unregistered so I can get online access to my account.

I told her I just wanted immediate access like the previous guy had done for me. She insisted she couldnt do that. I asked her to check when my last login was. She checks and says she doesnt have that info.

I asked her if she remembered me verifying myself by stating the amount of transfer from savings to checking. She said yes. I asked her is she can tell when that transfer was. She says about 30 minutes ago. I ask her if she can tell if that was an online request. She says yes. I ask her how is it that the previous rep (Jason) was able to get me in this morning?

She didnt answer that but repeated she couldnt clear this up for a few more days. I asked her to transfer me to her manager. She said there was no manager to transfer to. I asked her to transfer me to another rep, and she said they would just tell me the same thing shes telling me. I said i dont care, just transfer me. She said she wouldnt.

Talk about a screwy system from the online login process down to the representative thats supposed to help.

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