@PNCNews – William Demchak – Hello Mr. Demchak- I am writing to you today out of frustration from not getting

VICTORIA A VESPI sent a message to William Demchak that said:

Hello Mr. Demchak- I am writing to you today out of frustration from not getting anywhere with your customers service representatives in the investment banking department. I spoke to Josh the day I closed the account, left a message for Staci Womack (she never even bothered responding to my call), and yesterday and today I spoke with Sean Housel who basically said that reversing an investment fee will NEVER happen, it doesn't matter what the circumstances are and if PNC wants to add fees to already existing accounts and make customers like myself pay, well then there's nothing he can do about it. How about that? Great customer service, great answer and awesome customer loyalty huh?

I lost my job back in 2014 and as a result had to find a place for the money from my 401K, so naturally my option was to go with the bank with whom I had been doing business for years, literally 40+ years. I opened an IRA and put my funds in there. Was given my disclosures, all my paperwork, and off I went. Now that I have reached 59-1/2, I had other plans for that money, so I decided to move it over to my PNC checking account, only to find that there is a "mandatory fee" of $125 for closing an investment account. I do not have a problem with any kind of fees when they are disclosed properly to me, like at the time you are actually opening the account so I am provided with all the facts needed to make my decision on how to move forward. Not only was I informed there were no fees other than yearly investments fees, I come to find that these fees were not even initiated on my IRA account until 2017.....TWO full years after I opened my IRA account!!!

Now I ask you,do you really think it is fair to change an account by adding fees without giving the customer options? I sure don't. I have been with you guys for over 40 years.....40 years!!! Loan after loan after loan, home improvement, car loans, savings, checking, you name it, we did it through PNC. It is wrong of your company or any company to try and impose fees on accounts that were in existence before the fees were initiated; it's ridiculous and absurd.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. At the very least, am expecting a credit to my checking account for the $125 PNC wrongfully took from my IRA balance before closing that account.

Best regards,

Vicki Vespi



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