@PNCNews – William S Demchak – Dear Sir, In August of 2017 we took out an equity loan from PNC. I

VICKY KOBERNA sent a message to William S Demchak that said:

Dear Sir,
In August of 2017 we took out an equity loan from PNC. I, unlike most of the public pay extra on my loan. In February of 2018, PNC had a conversion. Since that time things haven't been correct. In order to make an additional payment onto my principal I now have to visit a bank branch instead of being to do it online. To this day, this are NOT corrected. I am extremely upset because it is costing me more interest. I did pay extra at the branch and unbeknownst to me they were putting it into a separate account refereed to as "misapplication reversal." My personal banker has been MARVELOUS trying to figure out what is going on.
The numbers on my end don't add up. On May 29th, 2018 I had a balance of $100,384,05.On my July 15th, 2018 statement it states my new balance is $100,406,48. This after more payments have been made. I CANNOT MAKE ANY ADDITIONAL PAYMENTS BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW WHERE THEY WILL GO. I am at a loss and very angry.
My payments are take directly out of my account, yet, when I call the 800 number they tell me I'm late!! I feel that the people at your 800 number are clueless. I could go on and on, but I won't.
I await your response

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