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Rick Nash sent a message to William S Demchak that said:

Mr. Demchak,

My apologies for interrupting your day as I am sure you are having bigger issues with the change-over to a new HELOC system. I have been in IT for 50 years and actually worked for NCB and PNC in past so I do understand the problems you are having.

Here' a little background:

1. Customer of NCB and PNC, following the acquisition, for 30+ years.
2. Accounts - checking, savings, mortgage ($180,000 est.), HELOC ($100,000)
3. Mortgage acquired in 1999 or 2000
4. Mortgage paid off 2009. Release filed 7/2010.
5. Used HELOC sporadically since 2004 based upon my financial tracking that only goes back that far. PNC has made interest from me since the acquisition of NCB.
5. Current HELOC balance = less than $2,000 on a $100,000 LOC.
6. During the recent move to another system I was denied online access to my HELOC account and had to have a branch manager make a monthly payment for me from my checking to HELOC.
7. Was then informed by my local branch, after they made several internal PNC calls, that I should not have had online access since I had a past bankrupcy. This occurred in 2002 and was discharged in 2003. I have the paperwork.
8. I do not understand how PNC would deny me access to the HELOC after using it for 10+ years and NEVER a payment problem and against property that is paid off.
I have no problem, since the balance is less than $2,000 to move the HELOC to a different bank but have had zero issues with PNC since the acquisition and would prefer to remain a customer.

Why am I boring you with this? Because of several days and hours trying to reach your bankrupcy department with zero success.

I have reached out to many PNC 877, 855, 800 and 888 #'s, as has my branch, with no success. My branch even sent an email asking them to contact me. Nothing.

I would just like some type of resolution by my next payment date, which is May 3rd. Either I have HELOC access or I don't. If not, I just need time to make other arrangements.

I assume someone else is vetting this and hopefully will have someone contact me at 216.990.5566 in order for me to make a decision.

Appreciate the time.
Rick Nash

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