@PODS – John B Koch – Dear Mr. Koch, I am a 67 year old Vietnam Veteran who stepped on a

Steve H Heredia USMC (ret) sent a message to John B Koch that said:

Dear Mr. Koch, I am a 67 year old Vietnam Veteran who stepped on a land mine when I was a 19 years old. About three weeks ago, I started discussing my account #131736607, with an agent on a settlement. The settlement was $2047 of a $3100 bill , and at the time I thought was fair. I told my family they agreed. Now with the conversations I had on Friday, May 11th the agent told met told me the settlement offer was rescinded because I did not respond and agree within 5 days. Now I know I am getting up their in age, and have PTSD which has memory loss as a factor. I do not remember any agent telling me about a 5 day notice. But as I said we where trying to get the funds together. The other factor was the agent said 72 hours from the auction date to pay, which would be from May 15th. No one said they had to be business days. The new agent then made it completely impossible to try and accomplish getting your company paid. But instead your agent and two others including a Supervisor who seemed like they wanted to make the auction happen. I asked the 1st person I spoke to on the 11th to connect me to a manager or supervisor, she said she would, I hear laughter and after about four rings it goes to voicemail. To me it was planned that way. I called back and now the gentleman says he read through all my other calls and now that I think about it, he's the one that tells about the 72 hours and business days. He also tells me that it is $3100. the original bill amount. I told him we did not have the that amount of money. We are signing to get into a house on Monday. If we had to pay that we not have money to move turn on our utilities. We went to a situation to pay a settlement cost to a company making a lot more money on an auction. Now maybe you folks will make more money out of an auction, but we have family heirlooms in that POD. That is why my wife is distraught over this POD situation. My daughter is very upset that she has items in there that she shared with her fiance, who dropped dead at 38 of a defective heart. Their will be no Mothers Day if we do not recover our POD. So I am begging you sir, that you contact me as soon as possible. The POD is located at Bailey Loop, McClellan Part, Sacramento, Ca. Your personnel at Bailey Loop are compassionate people. Especially two men I met and I cannot find the paperwork I wrote it on. Because we have been living in a hotel since we loaded the POD. Please contact me at 530- 613-8832 Steve or Annette at 530-320-5020, my wife. We are signing on Mondayy to move into our house. Your companies URGENCY is needed.

Steve Heredia USMC (ret)

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