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Dear Mr. Koch,

My name is Mark Perryman and I have scheduled a delivery of a 16' POD for today and another on Friday. After making arrangements to have the POD delivered, I didn't know or certainly missed being told I needed to review a rental agreement and agree to the terms. I had 1 hour to complete the agreement to stay on schedule for the delivery. I read the agreement and had questions. I have called several times to speak with associates of your company to get some answers to my questions. One of the questions I have never mentioned due to the fact I became so frustrated with lack of answers of the first question.

One: I saw I can only have a weight of 4200 lbs on a 16 ft unit (your competitor offers 6000 lbs. However, my initial call I was never told the weight limit. So I began searching for answers and found Pack Rat offers 6k and you 4200. I then called back to ask some additional questions. Like, how do we know the weight once I fill the container. The response I have gotten each time I have called is completely different. Answers ranging from, if we can't lift it, if we can lift it at your house and can't move it at our facility with our forklift, if we load it and go across the weight scales at each check point and if we are over weight. I asked in this scenario what happens and was told there will be a fine and I will be expected to pay this fine for each weigh station. I have requested to speak with Supervisor's and been told they won't speak with you or I will ask them your question and get you an answer. Is there someone at your Company that can assist as I have the POD being delivered today and have 6 days to pack my home. I am sure you can appreciate my questions and more importantly the stress of moving your family from Tampa Fl to Providence RI. I can be reached on my cell phone at 727-243-8910 or my email at perrymanm1@gmail.com


Mark Perryman

Customer number 135486341

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