@PODS – John B Koch – Hello, I was wondering if you might be able to help me. As a customer

Jeannette Picado sent a message to John B Koch that said:

Hello, I was wondering if you might be able to help me. As a customer I am quite frustrated. I paid off my mother's storage settlement and scheduled a pickup for 4/13. Pods was contacted 4/6 and the paperwork as well as the funds were paid 4/9 (same day the documentation was sent) However when I followed up 4/12, it was in the system that was scheduled for 4/13 but the employee did not notify the warehouse until that Thursday and could not have available until 4/14. The issue is that I had a truck and team to help me, people that took the day off and could not help on 4/14. Because of PODs mistake I ended up having to hire some help off the street as well as rent two trucks in order to pick up our belongings as well as hire two sets of people. The customer service supervisor Audrey had indicated that they would give us $100 credit as well as a partial refund. However now Billing bluntly is indicating that they cannot honor it. and did not have an escalation path of anyone I could talk to. They indicated that they could have their manager call me but I haven't heard anything. Initially I wasn't worried about a big compensation, part of it would be nice to help with the additional truck and help but really now it is more the point. It's frustrating as this could have been avoided if the warehouse would have been contacted from the initial call a week prior instead of less than 24 hours before. Thank you and appreciate your assistance.

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