@PODS – John B Koch – Mr. Koch, I hope this email finds you quickly. I want to bring a highly

Aubrey Otero sent a message to John B Koch that said:

Mr. Koch,
I hope this email finds you quickly. I want to bring a highly unfortunate situation to your attention. Last week, a PODS container was delivered to my neighbors house but set on my property line and as a result the PODS contained moving structure knocked out mailbox and damaged it quite significantly. The driver did NOT report this incident I had to. It is incident #1593717 and I have been contacting the company repeatedly over the last several days to get it solved. I sent in several estimates for your company to review to fix my mailbox. I am in the process of moving as well and my home is under contract. We had our home inspection 3 days after this occurring and the inspector has flagged our mailbox as an issue that needs to be address before the sale of our house continues. If we lose this sale, I have every intention of suing PODS for the $300,000 that this will cost me. The cost to repair my mailbox was estimated at only $1500-$1700. It would be in your companies best interest to pay for the damages that you driver neglectful committed and I will be pressing criminal charges and a police report tomorrow if I do not have any answers and a time frame as to when I can expect the $1500 to fix my mailbox. The mailbox is progressively getting worse and sinking into the ground, if it completely topples over. I WILL be getting a new estimate that will undoubtedly cost more than the original. I need this issue remedied as fast as possible to prevent the mailbox from shattering. I have been working with Alex Luedy and he was doing a great job until Friday - it has been radio silence. As stated above, I just need the mailbox itself fixed. My yard and other issues, I can take care of but I fear that we only have a few days left to fix it before it becomes a bigger issue and falls completely over.
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter,
Aubrey Otero

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