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PODS OWES ME MONEY, KNOWS IT, PROMISES IT, AND WON'T PAY IT I ordered a storage POD. I got one a year ago from the same people, same delivery guy. He brought it on his truck backwards and said he had to put it that way. We opened our gates and he assured me he would move my basketball goal so as to fit it straight and leave us room to get into the front of the storage POD from our storage room. ( doors were supposed to face each other). He basically dropped the thing at an angle and so close to our gate that we would not have been able to carry lg things from our storeroom and get them into the pod. Meanwhile, the motor on the pod carrier broke. This left him working on the broken motor in our driveway, all the while blaming a guy for the break although he wasn't even there. While he was working, I asked him if there was any way he could move the POD into a position that allowed us to use it. His reply " mam, if I get this motor working all I am doing is leaving. I immediately started requesting that the POD be picked up and my money refunded. I emailed, I spoke to people. I was assured I would have the money back in ten days. It has been at least 15 days or more. I spoke to Carol who told me Lindsay was in charge of my account. I called today. They did not know what I was talking about. They said Lindsay would have had to leave her extension???????????? They can't look me up with my phone number because once they finally picked up the thing, they erased me from the system. Meanwhile, Here are the charges; November 18th: 191.42 December 10th: 54.98 December 14th: 55.25 My husband has Alzheimer's disease and I have many physical issues. This experience was terrible and PODS caused us more problems than anything else. The fact that they refuse to refund me when they assured me they would far surpasses any of the worst business practices I have ever seen. I looked for a class action suit against them so that I could join it. I want my money back. The lawsuit I plan to file will include what this has done to the nerves of my very sick husband and his doctors will attest to the setback Alzheimer's patients have when they feel they cannot help to remedy an problem and also when their nerves get out of kilter. Please help.

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I want all of the money back from this ridiculous escapade. I also want interest added to the payments. 191.42 54.98 55.25 I want compensation for this POD taking up space and not being picked up when we requested that they do so. This prevented us from getting any other storage box.

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