@PODS – John Koch – Dear Mr. Koch, I need your help with my POD delivery. I ordered two PODS

Steven Bennett Tancer II sent a message to John Koch that said:

Dear Mr. Koch,

I need your help with my POD delivery. I ordered two PODS in May to be shipped from NJ to Nevada and held in storage until my arrival. I was advised by the POD coordinator to call a week in advance to schedule delivery.

I phoned POD yesterday October 22 to request delivery in Nevada on October 31st, nine days in advance. The coordinator, Zach, advised me the first date available is November 2nd. I told him that was not acceptable; I have deliveries scheduled with a team of movers, additional furniture deliveries and my wife, who needs to fly back to the east coast on the 2nd.

Zach said he too was surprised there was an 11 day window and sent an email to the Nevada office requesting a change of date. Zach said I will get an email response with the update Shortly. Last night I received what appeared to be an automated confirmation for a Nov. 2nd delivery.

This morning I called again and was connected to a coordinator in Clearwater, FL. She advised me there is nothing she could do other than send another email. She further advised a supervisor could do no more than she and there is no one else I could appeal to. I further offered more flexibility from October 28 - October 31. Please note I am traveling cross country with a 30’ travel trailer and will push to provide four days of flexibility, however, the earlier date will significantly disrupt my plans and cause me to exceed comfortable daily driving limits.

At no time was I advised by anyone that more than a five day window is required to schedule a delivery.

I would be grateful for any assistance you may be able to provide. All of the POD coordinators I spoke with assured me a five day window would be sufficient. Please Help.

I’m not certain how this correspondence is being sent and will reach out to your office tomorrow, if I don’t receive an email response.

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