@PODS – John Koch – Dear Sir, I am writing to let you know of my experience with PODS. I

Mark Saunders sent a message to John Koch that said:

Dear Sir, I am writing to let you know of my experience with PODS. I will start with this quote from your website. No matter how you contact us, PODS is dedicated to providing you with excellent service and getting you the answers you need. That was not my experience. I ordered two pods in one order. One to be delivered on 9-7 the other on 9-11. The pods arrived, were loaded then they were delivered to my new address. We had the interior of the house painted. The plumbing was polybutylene and it was replaced. We had a large percentage of the house tiled and the rest of the house we had wood floors installed. We used pods so we could get our belongings to our house and then move them in as space became available. We finished the tile flooring last week and my son came and helped me move the larger stuff out of the pods and into the tiled areas of the house. The plan was to get the stuff that I needed two people to move and clear out one pod so it could be returned. We cleared one container and put what was left in the other pod. That left me with a pod about half full but with things I can move myself. We got one pod on the 9-7 and were sending it back on 10-2. We got another pod on 9-11 and my plan was to have this coming weekend to move the rest of our belongings out and then return it on 10-10. When I went on line to schedule the return pickups I realized that I had unloaded the second pod that was delivered and loaded our remaining stuff into the first pod that was deliverd. No big deal I thought I will call on Monday and get them to fix the problem. Two pods ordered from the same order. I felt that I should have 30 days each. I unloaded the wrong one but no big deal get someone to change the credits and fix the problem. I called and got some of the worst customer service I have ever received. The lady refused to switch things around and accept the second pod delivered as the first and give me more time with the second pod that was delivered. Again both pods were part of one order. It wasn't like I ordered one and then a week or so later I order the other. I order two at the same time with deliver for two different days. But your customer service told me that they would not help me. I asked to speak with a manager. I was put on hold for around 15 minutes then the original customer rep came back on and said the manager wouldn't help me. I demanded to speak to the manager and she refused to let me talk to the manager. Maybe if I had been warned watch which pod you unload first I would think well this is my fault. I ordered these two pods at the same time and I am thinking I need to get one back by the sixth (actually returned on the 2nd) and the other one by the tenth. I never thought it would matter which actual pod was returned first. And it seem that if your company really dedicated to customer service as you advertise then this would have been an easy fix. But no! To be honest when the rep would not let me talk to a manager and then started closing with her spill (we appreciate the opportunity to serve you-or something along that line-) I started yelling and calling her a liar. As it stands I went from a satisfied customer to a very angry customer. I intend to post this story in full detail on facebook. I also belong to five different community email groups where people buy and sell, seek advice for various services (doctors, plumbers, lawn care, MOVING services.....) I am composing a DO NOT USE PODS communique for my social media /internet accounts. Thanks for your time. Mark Saunders

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