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@PODS – John Koch – I am a current customer who requested my POD to be picked up today 9/23/2020

KIMBERLY A EMMERICH sent a message to John Koch that said:

I am a current customer who requested my POD to be picked up today 9/23/2020 and delivered to my new home. I received a call from the driver, who stated he couldn't deliver the POD because noone was home and didn't answer the door. I explained that the house was vacant and I had documentation stating I had permission to deliver the early as my closing date was delayed but the availability of the delivery was limited. Currently my POD is somewhere GOD KNOWS WHERE! but I was told that the driver stated to the storage facility that he spoke with someone at the house and was told he didn't have permission to deliver the POD which is impossible since the house is vacant and he called and said noone answered the door. The driver is lying and now my POD is somewhere and I am closing on Friday. Customer Service Gabriel said they soonest they could deliver it was 9/29/2020, which is five day after I close. This POD has all my stuff in it. This is your company's error and I want my POD delivered by 9/24/2020. I will not pay for storage fees or a redelivery fee. I tried to talk to a supervisor but waiting for 45 minutes to be told I would receive a call back. Nothing! IF this is how you do business, I will make sure that I ruin your reputation. PODS has stolen my belongings and I want them back. I will be filing a police report if I don't receive a response.

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