@PODS – John Koch – I am faced with a very difficult situation, My daughter is moving from Post Faills

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I am faced with a very difficult situation, My daughter is moving from Post Faills ID to Las Vegas NV, She is moving into an HOA community home. The delivery sit is limited with a nearly nonexistnent driveway but I received permission to put the POD in front of the driveway for a day or so. The dates for delivery were arranged based on an expected closing date, the was informed about 2 weeks ago the this date would be moved out, So I called POD associate and he was able to get me a date of June 27th and pickup on the same day,, I had contacted the HOA before delivery to ensure that there would be no issue in dropping in the community road in front of the driveway, That was acceptable for a day or so, I was very happy with the new schedule, However, on Friday Night the 26th of June Received a called after I had the delivery timeframe sent to me. They informed m that they dont do same day delivery and pick up. The next pickup date is July 8th, Or they could deliver on July 8th instead, The latter was impossible because my daughters remote job may be in jeopardy if another week of time off would be necessary as most of her equipment and hardware for computer was in the POD.
I really dont know how someone cant live up to a promise and so inept not to know the situation in Las vegas, I did speak to the supervisor in Las vegas and made the request for this Monday or Tuesday and se would wee what he could do after me explaining all my issues, I am contacting the HOA tomorrow to inform them of the situation, and hope they can me more understanding of my terrible situation that you company has put me in with wrong information. I am hopeful that this resolves early in the week, On top of that my daughter cannot get into garage and park her car since POD is in the way,
I am hoping you can help me out and I am uncertain that anyone else takes this initial promise and then mistake by your company very seriously

thanks for any help you can provide

Steve Caldwell

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