@PODS – John Koch – Mr. John Koch, this is the fourth time I have written to you about my

Lorie Rassouli sent a message to John Koch that said:

Mr. John Koch, this is the fourth time I have written to you about my issue of my account being late and in Auction Status. Account Number 130960972
I called PODS collection and spoke to Angelina, she said that right off the bat I'm paying two market accounts when I haven't moved my storage from Sacramento.
I sent to Angelina's, email (settlements@PODS. com) on 11/13/20 my PODS account statements from 2016 to present through November 2020, where she can see my addition for each year. I have that PODS owe me 167.02 not late or in Auction Status. I called on the 13th to see if PODS had those documents for the manager to review. Answer NO. I called on the 18th to see if the documents uploaded to my PODS account..disconnected. Called again on 11/18/20 to follow through on those documents talked to Lavonia, so far I have waited for her to check for 15 minutes, documents have been received. The question did it go to my manager? Yes, it was forwarded to the manager on 11/18/20. The question to Lavonia, since the prior tech said I wasn't in Auction Status and an email on 11/18/20 said I was just late. Lavonia said the Auction Status has been locked with no dates and that I owe for October and November. I stated Angelina said not to pay anything until my manager checked the documents and noted that on my account. Lavonia is checking again..waiting. My manager Keyana was sent a note to check those documents...ok. According to Lavonia, I owe 86.26 for October and 226.26 for November. I have per my documents PODS owe me $167.02 and that's being paid all the way through November 2020. I will wait for Keyana to check the documents and why I have two market accounts. This is to let you know what is going on from the customer's point of view. Delays and more delays.

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