I bought a TV (Samsung) on sale on target.com. I spent $11 picking up the package from a – Brian C Cornell email address

Matt sent a message to Brian C. Cornell Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Target Corporation that said:

Problem Dates: 12/7/15, 12/8/15, 12/9/15
Purchase Dates: 11/22/15, 12/7/15
Product Model Number: Samsung

Customer service reps: (unknown), (unknown)
Dept. SLT2 reps: (unknown), Christina
Payment amounts: $339.80, $577.79 (still pending), $-237.99 (still pending), -$339.80 (still pending)
Payment methods: debit card, debit card

Mr. Cornell,

I bought a TV (Samsung) on sale on target.com. I spent $11 picking up the package from a FedEx store. I opened the box to discover that Target sent the wrong item, it wasn't even a TV.

I spent 2 hours with Target's customer service department SLT 2 trying to resolve the issue. They refused to send me the product I had ordered. They said that if I wanted to guarantee I'd have the TV I paid for, since stock was low, I had to purchase it again immediately from their website rather than wait for the refund to clear and check back then. I was told that they would adjust the price of the order to match the price I originally bought it for. So, despite not being pleased with this situation, I bought it. I received an email showing that the price of the order was reduced to the price I bought it for ($339.80). So at this point I had spent $690.60 to buy the TV, get the package to my house, then buy the TV again.

Then, confusingly, a processing hold was placed on my account for the full price of that second purchase, $577.79. So rather than be out $690.60, Target had taken/held $928.59. This financially crippled me and I now don't have enough money in my bank account to buy Christmas gifts for my family that will arrive on time.

I still had to spend another $9 and 2 hours to get the mistake item's package back to a local Target store, 3 miles from my home, so they could give me a refund on the original purchase. That evening, I received an email telling me that the second TV's package was going to arrive a day late. The next morning, I received another email from Target saying that the order was cancelled. So I am out $928.59, have no TV, and no TV on the way. I will not be able to buy Christmas gifts for my family, and the refunds may not completely go through for another 7-10 days.

I called Target's customer service again, was transferred to SLT 2 again, and spoke to someone named Christina. She didn't do anything to help me, told me that I wasn't being polite to her (which, considering this ordeal, I was not), and then she pulled the headset away from her mouth to talk about me behind my back to another employee. It was audible and she was making fun of my request to have them send me “free” TV.

This goes beyond a simple mistake. This goes beyond the largest bungle of a purchase I’ve ever seen a company make in the 32 years I’ve been alive. I’m out almost $1000 and the best case scenario I’ve been offered is that I should probably have my money back by 12/19/15 and I won’t be able to buy the TV I originally paid for. And a Target representative audibly ridiculed me over the phone about it. This is Target purely being mean.

Please get someone to ship me the TV I originally purchased, for the price I originally paid, to my house, as fast as possible. If that TV is not available, ship the next largest version of that model as fast as possible, for no extra charge. I would also appreciate some compensation for the time, effort, and transportation charges I've had to spend battling Target's mistake over the last several days, though my expectations of this company are so low at this point I don'€™t really expect that. If you fail me, I will complain through every possible avenue I have available, and will take all of my online orders to Amazon, a reputable company with excellent customer service. Amazon messed up one of my orders once, and they apologized and sent me a more expensive product for no charge that arrived at my apartment the next day.

Thank you for your time,


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