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Taylor D Williams sent a message to Glenn M Renwick that said:

Good Morning,

I am writing today to complain of the poor service I received from your company on April 19,2018 and the negligence that I have witnessed from Progressive Insurance.

Yesterday evening around 10:00pm I had a flat tire while on the President George Bush Tollway in Carrollton TX and at this time my personal cell phone died. I called Progressive Roadside assistance approximately 30 minutes later after I re-activated my Onstar and added calling minutes so that I may call for assistance using my car system. I was advised that the roadside assistance would would arrive within 30 minutes and the cost for this service would be $82.00. An hour passes and I call Progressive Roadside once again to inquire when the roadside assistance would arrive. They informed me that the driver was 15 minutes away and that I had to pay another $82.00 and file a dispute for the first charge. Another hour passes and it is now 12:30am and I am still sitting on the side of the road and I call Progressive back once again, they call the Towing company to inquire their ETA and the driver also informs me that he knows exactly where I am and he would be to my location within 30 minutes. Another hour passes and it is now 1:30am and still no one has showed. I call back for the fourth time and I requested to speak with a supervisor and I spoke with Supervisor Alaina and she advised me the only thing she could do was call the Towing company back. She advised the driver was 4 minutes away. Another 20-30 minutes passed before anyone arrived at 2:15am. I was 10 minutes from my home and it took 4 hours before I even made any contact with road assistance. From the very first call made to Progressive I explained to the representative that my phone is dead and I do not have anyway of them reaching me. I am most annoyed that I wasted 4 hours getting home for a 10 minute drive home. When my girlfriend called at 2:00am the representative she spoke with explained that me waiting for 4 hours was MY FAULT because my phone was dead (which I explained at 10:00pm) and hung up in her face. By the end of the night I ran out of gas and my car battery died because I had my hazards on for 4 hours. I trust this is not the way That Progressive wishes to conduct business with valued customers and I have never encountered such treatment before. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss matters further and to learn of how you propose to prevent a similar situation from recurring. I look forward to hearing from you.

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