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JAMIE MAYS sent a message to Glenn Renwick that said:

Good Morning Ma'am, I am currently on a call with your customer service department who are truly amazing, but I had been transferred back over to them after a very horrible conversation with Underwriting. Ma'am, I am a single mother with a small business, I have full custody of my children who as you know have been out of school since COVID 19 hit. I have been working 60-80 hours sometimes more. I have a small Commercial Cleaning company, I am in the forefront combating this issue. but my true issue is your company sent me an email this morning at 1:26 am 6/30/20 stating as of 6/29/20 my policy has been canceled... I woke up to this... I called first thing this morning, I thought my payment didn't go through. I was confused. Why I didn't get an email stating it was declined?... The first gentleman stated that wasn't the problem that it had to do with an underwriting issue. Now, I'm even more confused. He asked me to call back at 9 am to speak with them.. So I did, This lady was awful all she did was state that I was informed by email that they needed to do a review... this was a month after I initiated my policy with you then I received another email All it stated was you had new documents. I tried to look through the app but I didn't see any documents stating my policy would be shut down. I don't know maybe I wasn't using the app properly... All I know was that my policy was active I was using snapshot, and I was being proactive in that regard.
At the moment I am in awe of how a company I trust with my auto policy can treat a good customer. I made sure my policy was looked over the day I started my policy. The Customer service Agent was amazing. She read me my record and I stated there was an error, she said OK, that she saw that. Then I get a bill the next month the bill went up 100 dollars... Ouch, So I called customer service again, they stated underwriting viewed my policy again and they saw an issue with it and that's why my policy went up... Yikes, I stated we went over my record in detail when I started my policy. It was a huge ordeal. Why, do I now have a lapse in my policy because I didn't respond to an email that was sent out on 4/28/20, 6 days after I called about my policy premium going up to 425 a month. 6 days after I was told the increase was due to an issue with underwriting, Why??? Why, wasn't it noted in my policy when I spoke with customer service 4/22/20 and they had me on hold when they spoke with underwriting directly... Why? Why, am I now responsible for a lapse in coverage??? Is this how you treat your good customers? I feel like I have been extorted... I feel like I have been taken advantage of.. I feel like there should have been better communication polices put in place. If there was an issue with my policy it should have been stated boldly and it wasn't.

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