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Richard Joseph Denbow sent a message to Glenn Renwick that said:

Hi Mrs. Griffith,
My name is Joe Denbow (agency code 028VH) and I need your help, Please! On 10/07/19 I bound an auto policy (933544542) and the insured requested a manufactured home policy to start 10/14/2019--subsequent receiving his weekly paycheck. The quoting process was without effort and insured was pleased with coverage and pricing. On 10/14/19 he called back to bind the policy but I was unable to release the policy for some unforeseen error in the quoting platform. I did manage to speak with an ASI rep, Reggie, and he spoke with UW and stated that UW was aware of the issue and will have it resolved by Thursday or Friday. I informed the customer and he was fine with starting the policy 10/21/19. Friday I checked the system and noticed the same error. Giving it the benefit of doubt, I checked it this morning and the same error (with the address). I started my call(s) at 9:00am....56-minutes and nine reps later I was back to square one (absolutely no help, no contact with an UW, no one could provide me any information or contact name(s)). I need to speak with an UW asap as the client is now questioning my capability and is considering cancelling his auto and going with another company. My direct number is 440-339-5370.
Joe Denbow, MBA

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